Junior and baby Quackers at the Kansas City Royals Baseball game

Carlos, Junior and Baby Quackers new friend on the KCPD, took Junior and baby on a tour of the KC bullpin.

Mark McLemore stop by to have his picture taken with the ducks.

Arther Rhodes Seattle's pitcher. (the winning Pitcher)

A couple of Mariners fans that came all the way from Seattle to cheer for their team.

The Umpire came close but would not hold the ducks for a picture.

Matt Lugo home town hero. One of the marines that rescued Jessica Lynch


Willie Bloomquist

RC drop by to say hi.


RC also remind Junior and baby not to come out on the field. They got overly excited last time about the water at first base and decide to go for a swim.

Slugger the Royals mascot came by the have his picture taken with the ducks.

Slugger tries to take a bite out of Junior.

Junior made a mistake in telling slugger how impressed he was with Mariners.

Carlos a new friend, a member of the K.C.P.D.

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