Introduction to the Quackers Chronicles  
  How The Fun Began  

      My friends from work said to me, “Write to us, we will miss all your stories” I took them at their word and I began to write stories and send them back via e-mail.  My coworkers had started a newsletter to boost sagging morale. The creators of the newsletter have a lot of fun with good natured teasing and fictitious stories such as “Adrianne’s Search for the Little People”.  (Not having to be totally truthful in one’s stories, allows us to turn an ordinary walk down the street into a parade.)  I began by writing a story for the newsletter.  After the first story, they asked for another story and then another, now they teasingly call me their “Atlanta Correspondent”. 







Not being a creative writer, I needed something to write about to continue to have stories to send, so begins the junior stories. “Junior,” is the ugly step-duck of the stuffed duck, Ms. Quackers, our laboratory mascot.  

I thought that Ms Quackers needed an offspring, so one day Junior appeared beside Ms Quackers. Now my story was Ms Quackers had been having too good a time on her, so called, vacations.  (Ms Quackers was often abducted by the other laboratories, which they termed “vacation time” not “abduction”). My boss took exception, and said no way Ms Quackers could have had such an ugly child and decreed that Junior was the ugly step-duck.  One day, Ms Quackers mysteriously disappeared and has not been seen since. 



Junior has taken up the search for his wayward but fun loving step-mom, Ms. Quackers. Along the way, Junior has found relatives of his and Ms Quackers. Baby Quackers was the first to join the search.  I (deemed fairy god mother to Junior and Baby Quackers) with my digital camera always ready, travel with Junior and Baby Quackers in search of Ms Quackers the wayward but fun loving mom and step-mom, Ms. Quackers.  


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