Quackers Update:



The Trip to Australia



G’day mates as Aussie’s from down under say, the Quackers entourage are back safe and sound. Recovering from the jet lag and developing our breath-taking pictures.


The view of Twelve Apostles located along The Great Ocean Road, is  an awesome site to see.




The koala bears are just as cute in person as in their pictures.

Junior and baby Quackers found evidence that Ms Quackers, their wayward but fun loving and very prolific mom and step mom, has been down under.  Meet Mick Quackers another offspring.   Mick has been living in the out back of the Blue Mountains.    More to come......


Meet Mike, a wonderful bus driver, that showed us The Great Ocean Road.

Junior sure enjoyed the wine tasting with the help of Ann-meree.

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