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Junior and Baby Quackers go to Buenos Aires


By Linda Madrid




We all arrived in Buenos Aires Saturday morning and spent the day exploring the area around our hotel. While walking down the Lavalle Ave, people that seemed to close in on us suddenly surrounded us; Johnny felt some oneís hand in his pocket. I turned around in time to see this nice looking older lady holding hands with my mother and Johnny. When Johnny felt the hand go into his pocket he happened to be walking beside and holding hands with my mother.  He made a grab for the pickpocketís hand while still holding onto motherís hand.  The pickpocket was well dressed and gave us the most innocent look while Johnny removed her hand from his pocket. After this incident Johnny walked around with his hands in his pockets and Baby Quackers and Junior decided to ride in my belly bag instead of my pockets.



The food in Buenos Aires was great most of the time. Duck at least was not an option on the menu but goat was.  Being adventuresome I decided to try goat (what the heck it could not be as bad as Mussels right Wrong). The goat proved to be quite tasty but. Mothers do like to impart their wisdom and mine is no different.  As we were leaving the restaurant my mother made the comment about ordering and eating goat. Apparently an Uncle of mine that lived in Mexico always told her never order goat in Mexico because the restaurants substituted dog for goat. (Great now she tells me, now I do not know if I ate Billy or did I eat Fido.)   Questions I now ask myself: How closely related is two Spanish speaking South American Countries?  I did order the goat in a very fancy restaurant does that count for something?  In this same restaurant while I was eating goat, we were enjoying some great vino.  As I reached for my glass I found a fly doing the backstroke in my wine. Now the waiter did chuckle when I told him that a fly was drinking my wine. I donít mine sharing but did the fly have to take a slurp from such a full glass of fine wine. 



While visiting Centro Cultural La Recoleta we discovered mimes.  People that dress like statues. They stand very sill until you get close then they move (if you scare easily be sure to pack extra clothes.) You can take their picture if you drop money in their bucket.


While we found no evidence of Ms. Quackers having been in Buenos Aires, Junior and baby Quackers have made some new friends. Friends come in all shapes and sizes. Junior and baby Quackers have made friends with an interesting pair of briefs. (The Argentineans have and interesting way of protecting the family jewels.) We wondered if these unusual pair of briefs would make great stocking stuffer for my son.  We opted for some creative wrapping instead (Oh well, mothers will be mothers and some times fathers join in.)              


Some parting words of wisdom from Junior and baby Quackers when visiting Buenos Aires: Watch out for Pick pockets, beware of ordering goat and look out for the wine-guzzling flies. 


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